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For example, the firm’s attorneys regularly drafts and reviews employee handbooks and advises corporate clients on compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity regulations. The firm’s attorneys also have extensive experience with planning reductions in force, and drafting employment contracts, including restrictive covenants, executive compensation and severance agreements. In addition, our attorneys counsel various clients concerning discipline up to and including termination, in the event that it is necessary.

State and federal discrimination and disability laws and regulations, wage payment disputes, plant-closings, drug testing and the sweeping provisions of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act are just some of the issues currently affecting the ways in which companies conduct business. The firm’s attorneys assist employers in applying case law developments and interpreting state and federal laws and regulations, enabling them to establish policies and procedures aimed at minimizing the time, expense and exposure associated with resolving employment disputes.

Although it is the firm’s philosophy to counsel clients in a manner which is designed to prevent litigation, our attorneys continually represent employers before various state and federal agencies, including the Equal Opportunities Commission, Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities and the Federal and State Departments of Labor. The firm’s attorneys handle all phases of the administrative process, from preliminary negotiations to full blown investigations, as well as agency hearings before the State Board of Mediation and Arbitration and the State Board of Labor Relations. The firm’s attorneys also regularly represent employers and employees in suits involving allegations of statutory or common law wrongful discharge , age and sex discrimination, “whistle blowing” and the plethora of allegations that employers face today. In addition, as business need to be flexible in adapting to economic realities which they face, the firm’s attorneys continue to counsel employers and litigate matters involving issues under the Employee Retirement Income and Security Act (ERISA) relating to welfare benefit plans, pension plans and severance agreements.